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Resources for compiling and exchanging information related to Alaska Native knowledge systems and ways of knowing.

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Available Courses

  • Welcome to the Iñiqpaġmiut Iñupiat (Urban Iñupiat) Discussion Board. Anyone interested in the Iñupiaq language and culture is welcome to join, simply send me an email message for the instructions. There is an 'enrollment key' so that spammers do not have access to participants. Guests are welcome to browse resources without an enrollment key.
  • Naparyarmiut Cultural Atlas (Hooper Bay)
  • Copyright © 1999 by the Organized Village of Kake and the Southeast Native Subsistence Commission. Please do not copy or distribute without permission from the Organized Village of Kake.
  • This website explores the geography of the Angoon area from a Tlingit perspective. Tlingit place names are used to identify important cultural and geographic sites on maps and aerial photographs. Click on the names to hear the proper Tlingit pronunciation and translation.
  • The Oral History Department of the University of Alaska-Fairbanks Rasmuson Library, working under the terms of the Memorandum of Agreement between the Alaska Federation of Natives and the University of Alaska Fairbanks, created these "cultural atlases" as a means of integrating Native ways of knowing about science and technology into Western educational curricula. These are the first such internet compatible multimedia "jukeboxes" produced under the Alaska Rural Systemic Challenge grant from the National Science Foundation.

Cultural Atlases available on the ANKN website.
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