Notes to table

  1. Approximate dollar values are in terms of Anchorage store prices for similar products if the wild game, fish, berries or greens were not available.
  2. Harvest data are for a period of several years. All estimates except salmon made by people of Tuluksak, June 1973. Salmon estimates from Alaska Depart-ment of Fish and Game.
  3. Big game prices are based on average price of beef; furbearers, waterfowl, and game bird prices based on price per lb. of whole chicken; fish prices based on average price per lb. of canned salmon or closest equivalent fish. All prices from Gambell Street Safeway Store, Anchorage, and from Swansons and the Northern Commercial Company stores, Bethel, Feb. 1973. Fresh or frozen food from outside the region is not usually sold in village stores; if it is desired, it must be air-freighted, or transported privately from Bethel.
  4. Estimated price based on U.S. Department of Agriculture data showing that Bethel prices average about 50% higher than Anchorage prices. Actual price not available.

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