Project Films
Each episode shows a step in the creation of a place based Web museum by high school students. 

Episodes begin with the most recent. 

Virtual museum  educator guide
Photos & Captions
April 5th
In preparation for days spent in the community collecting and scanning old photographs, discussion
First Web Page
March 30th
The first web pages created by students are made.  They’re shown how to make a new page, the
Web building
March 30th
 Students are introduced to creating a formated web page using iWeb software.   Organization of
March 28th
Students gain momentum in their investigation of Upper and Lower Kalskag.  They organize to gather
How's it Going?
March 28th
The idea of spending school days at the community Tribal Council buildings collecting information,
Initial Investigation
March 9th
Concluding today’s lecture on Methods of Investigation, students created an initial investigation
Method Visual
March 9th
Detailed three components of gathering visual information: composition, clarity, and quality
Method Text (Documents and artifacts)
March 9th
Students took notes on what documents and artifacts are.  Discussed ways of preserving them
Method Oral
March 9th
Students took notes about oral interviews.  We talked about how to document through tape recorder
March 9th
Setting up a time line for when to complete writings and start web pages.  Expectations for
Refining Topics
March 3rd
Discussed and defined topics (ex: native foods, akutaq, fry bread).  Thursday, the next time we
Brainstorming Topics
March 3rd
Moving forward, finally.  Today we sat in classs and looked over surveys collected.  Talked about
Getting community input
February 8th
Immediate objectives for this project were given by the teacher, to create an informative letter
Defining “Museum”
February 8
Today in Period 3 the writing prompt, “What do you think a museum is?”  was given.  Students wrote
January 24th
Told my students today about it (the Virtual Museum project) and they were really excited.  More