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George Ramos and Ray Wilson
George Ramos, l., L'uknaxh.ádi (Raven moiety) from Yakutat and Ray Wilson, Kiks.ádi (Raven moiety) from Sitka, bring out an eagle chilkat robe during the Clan Leadership plenary session, March 22, 2007, Sitka during the Clan Conference (Sharing Our Knowledge: A Conference of Tsimshian, Haida and Tlingit Tribes and Clans) [photo by Peter Metcalfe]

The purpose of the Southeast Native Educators Association (SEANEA) is to promote the educational interests of Southeast Alaska Native people. Organized in 1996, the association and its members are dedicated, first and foremost, to Southeast Alaska’s Native students, setting aside personal professional advancement, politics, and partisanship. This organizational ethic serves as the underpinning for the multiple choices and actions pursued by SEANEA. We are made up of an 11 person board of Natives and non-Natives, and educators serving inside and outside the university and K-12 systems. We operate within a network of partnerships that co-sponsored the Sharing Our Knowledge Clan Conference in March, 2007. SEANEA provides an opportunity for an inclusive forum where members communicate their opinions, questions, concerns and initiatives in an environment of mutual support and creative, constructive response.

We are actively recruiting new members. If you are committed to improving the education of Southeast Alaska Natives, please consider joining. Annual membership fee is 30 dollars.
Contact Board Member Andrew Hope III (, 907.789.1393).
Our mailing address is:
Box 21681
Juneau, AK. 99802