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Science Fairs and Projects

There are four potential science fairs a rural Alaskan student can enter.
Local & Regional 
Hosted by variety of sources, these fairs prepare students to attend the ANSES State Fair 
How to plan and run a local fair 


2004 State ANSES Science Fair 
Hosted by the Imaginarium and AKRSI  
Culturally/locally relevent projects. Open to all non-urban students.   
AISES National Fair 
Held in a major U.S. city every year, this fair is open only to Native Americans. Rules and preparation differ somewhat from the ANSES State Fair.
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Alaska State Science Fair 
Ongoing for decades. Science projects are not limited to locally/culturally relevent topics. 
Science Fairs Are Fun!
A new video by Mike Martz for AKRSI and AFN. There's the RealPlayer version, and I'm trying something new by not reducing the quality of the video. It's 75MB and as an mpg, and Quicktime is still used to view it. Let me know if you like it this way. Quicktime version. Email Sean.
We have created a flow chart that takes students step by step to find and create a culturally/locally relevent project on any grade level.


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