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Iñupiaq RavenIñupiaq Cultural Values


 Iñupiat Ilitqusiat


Every Iñupiaq is responsible to all other Iñupiat for the survival of our cultural spirit, and the values and traditions through which it survives. Through our extended family, we retain, teach, and live our Iñupiat way.


With guidance and support from Elders, we must teach our children Iñupiaq values:

Knowledge of Language
Respect for Others
Respect for Elders
Love for Children
Hard Work
Knowledge of Family Tree
Avoidance of Conflict
Respect for Nature
Family Roles
Hunter Success
Domestic Skills
Responsibility to Tribe


Our understanding of our universe and our place in it is a belief in God and respect for all his creations.

Note: This page uses ISER's Iñupiaq fonts. To download the font, go to:
Go to the InupiaQ Phrasebook link to follow their instructions.

  • Avanmun Ikayuutiniq
  • Avilaitqatigiigeiq
  • Ixagiieiq
  • Ixammiubniq
  • Igxutuiguniq
  • Ikayuqtigiigeiq
  • Irruaqjibeaieeiq
  • Kipakkutaieeiq
  • Mitaallatuniq
  • Nagliktuutiqabniq
  • Nakuaqqutiqabniq
  • Piooaktautaieeiq
  • Piqpakkutiqabniq Miqjiqtunun
  • Pitqiksibautaieeiq
  • Qiksiksrautiqabniq
  • Qimmaksautaieeiq
  • Sibeataieeiq
  • Helping Each Other
  • Friendships
  • Family Relations/Roles
  • Creating Friends
  • Endurance
  • Cooperation
  • No Mockery
  • Respect for Human, Animals, Property and Land
  • Sense of Humor
  • Compassion
  • Love
  • Gentleness
  • Love For Children
  • Honesty
  • Respect for Others
  • Patience
  • Sharing
  • Afuniabniqput
  • Anaktabniq
  • Atuutipiavut
  • Miqjiqtuvut
  • Nibrutit
  • Niqivut
  • Nuna Ieuuniabvikput
  • Quliaqtuat, Unipkaat
  • Suliavut
  • Surbausivut
  • Tabiuq Ieuuniabvikput
  • Uqabniqput Ieupiatun
  • Utuqqanaat Ixisimmataat
  • Utuqqanaat Isumattutaat
  • Our Hunting Traditions
  • Traditional Games
  • Eskimo Dances and Songs
  • Our Children
  • Animals
  • Our Traditional Foods
  • Land of Our Sustenance
  • Stories and Legends
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Traditions / Customs
  • Sea of Our Sustenance
  • Iñupiat Language
  • Elders Knowledge
  • Elders Wisdom

Iñupiat Ilitqusiat
by the Village News Network
Excerpt: "This publication is an attempt to blend two goals: cultural education and media education. NANA’s Inupiat Ilitqusiat program strives to instill values that will serve children all their lives. The Village News Network strives to increase the Native voice in Alaska media. We came together to help each other."


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Last modified November 3, 2006