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Athabascan RavenAthabascan


Deg Xinag Learners' Dictionary
"This is a draft version of a dictionary for learners. Please send your suggestions for improving the dictionary to" This online talking dictionary is searchable.

Two Old Women Study Guide
This resource was developed in 2009 by Maureen Cronin-Wmscornelius. (pdf-version)

Testimonies to the Alaska Natives Commission
Fairbanks - 1992
Ft. Yukon - 1993

Observing Snow
Excerpt: "The Observing Snow curriculum could not be possible without the help and contributions of many people. The communities of Minto, McGrath, Galena, and Cantwell helped make this project a success.This program was sponsored by the Alaska Rural Systemic Initiative (ARSI). The guidance of Ray [Barnhardt], and the technical assistance of the Alaska Native Knowledge Network were key in bringing the project to completion."

The Adventures of Yaabaa Teeshaay
First Man Stories from Healy Lake

Excerpt: "Yaabaa Teeshaay was a cultural hero who lived a priori, or, as some would suggest, at the very beginning of time. He came to earth on a mission: to set things right among animals and mankind."

Whouy Sze Kuinalth
"Teaching Our Many Grandchildren"
A Curriculum Guide
Chistochina & Mentasta, Alaska

Tribal Tourism Development
A Handbook for Planners
"Mt. Sanford Tribal Consortium received funding from the Environmental Protection Agency to address local tourism issues and to develop infrastructure for ecotourism development and management in the two Alaskan Villages of Mentasta and Chistochina. This manual was created to document the tourism development process that we went through and to help other tribes begin the process."

Minto Mapping Project
Excerpt: "The Minto Mapping Project began several years ago with the intent of recording indigenous place names of traditional and contemporary land sites used by the people of Interior Alaska’s Minto Flats."

Tanacross Learner's Dictionary
"The Tanacross Learner's Dictionary is intended as a reference for anyone wanting to learn the spoken language. Words are organized by English headword. The subject matter and the level of complexity are varied enough to make the dictionary a useful resource for a wide range of users: from people who know nothing of the language to people know some words and phrases or have heard the language being spoken by their parents or grandparents."

Dog Salmon 6-8 Grade Unit
by Velma Schafer and Joy Simon

Preliminary Study of the Western Gwich'in Bands
By Adeline Peter-Raboff

Interior Athabascan Tribal College

Athabascans of Interior Alaska
4th Grade Social Studies Unit
Written By  Patricia H. Partnow

Athabascan "Seasons" and "Whole Day"
by Catherine Attla
Two charts by an Athabascan Elder showing a traditional model of an Athabascan lifestyle.

Cultural Heritage and Education Institute
Excerpt: "The Cultural Heritage and Education Institutes' mission is threefold- to Share, Educate and Restore; share Athabascan cultural knowledge and skills, educate youth and adults on how to be sober productive participants in Native Athabascan and non-Native western cultures and restore the spiritual site of Old Minto and the history of a past village."

The Dene', Indigenous People of Interior Alaska
Kindergarten Unit on Alaska Native Education
by FNSBSD Alaska Native Education

Native Values
The Alaska Native Values are now available online.

Chickaloon Native Village
Excerpt: "Chickaloon Native Village, governed by the Chickaloon Village Traditional Council (CVTC), is a federally recognized tribal government located in the southcentral region of Alaska. The Tribe has one Ahtna Athabascan speaker living in the area putting us in danger of losing the ability to learn our language within the next 5 years."

Dena'ina Qenaga
Excerpt: "The Dena'ina Qenaga website is a web-based resource for the Dena'ina Athabascan language. This site is designed to provide information about the Dena'ina language, including information about language structure (grammar, pronunciation, spelling, etc.); information about learning the Dena'ina language (phrases and conversations, stories, etc.); and information about community language revitalization programs. This phase of website development is very much in its initial, beginning stages. We welcome ideas for additional content."

Yukon Native Language Centre
Though this is a Canadian dialect, this may be very useful. files with the phrases.

Fairbanks Native Association

Gaalee'ya Spirit Camp
Excerpt:"Gaalee'ya Spirit Camp is a non-profit community based organization intended to rejuvenate, restrengthen, and instill genuine respect, love, and attitudes that enable individuals to become willing and able to contribute to their communities."

KNBA 90.3 FM's Native Word Archives
This site includes Native words with sounds from Native speakers. The languages represented are Iñupiaq, Aleut, Tlingit, Athabascan, and Yup'ik.
The Native Studies Curriculum and Teacher Development Project (NSCTD) brings together teams of teachers, Elders, and community members in various parts of Alaska with university-based specialists to develop curricula on Alaska Native studies and language that is available to all schools through the internet or on CD.

The University of Alaska Fairbanks Alaska Native Language Center is an excellent resource for information on the languages of Alaska Natives. Dena'ina Qenaga Du'idnaghelnik - Dena'ina Phrases 1: Nondalton Dialect is one of their resources. They also have a Tanacross Athabascan Language site.

Alaska Native Heritage Center
Excerpt: "The Alaska Native Heritage Center is a gathering place that celebrates, perpetuates and shares Alaska Native cultures. Since opening in 1999, the Center has become Alaska's premier interactive cultural destination."


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