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Yup'ik RavenMarshall Cultural Atlas

This collection of student work is from Frank Keim's classes. He has wanted to share these works for others to use as an example of Culturally-based curriculum and documentation. These documents have been OCR-scanned. These are available for educational use only.





Everything Went Black



All of sudden I felt very cold, and I knew I was born! A few minutes later I noticed my mother. When I got up on my feet and tried to walk, I fell. I tried several times, then I finally got the hang of it, and soon I was walking around. Then I got tired and very hungry, and I went over to my mother and drank some milk. After taking a nap, my mother and I went for a little stroll so I could know what my surroundings looked like. My mother showed me the kind of food I would eat when I got a little older. After seeing how the place looked around me, we walked to where we would be safe. My mother told me that we had to stay in the deep forest so that we could be safe from "those dangerous creatures." I wondered who she was talking about, but I didn't bother to ask because I was very sleepy and wanted to rest after the long day we had together.

The next day when I got up, my mother and I went out for another stroll. This time, she said she was going to bring me to a place called a meadow where we could drink some water and feed on some grass. Before we got there she said she had to check to see if it was safe. A few minutes later she came back and said that we could go out there, because it was safe for now. When we were walking out into the meadow I noticed that it was an open place where we could drink a lot of water and eat some grass, but it was surrounded by lots of trees. This place was very beautiful, and I knew it would be a pretty place for me to play. After I drank enough water, and ate some grass, I had lots of energy, and I asked my mother if I could run around the place. She said I could, but for only a little while, then we would have to go back home.

A few months later when I got up from my sleep, I took a step outside my shelter, and all around me I could see this white stuff on the ground. I woke my mother and asked her what it was. She laughed and told me it was snow. When I walked out in it, I looked back and saw my footprints. I started to run, but I fell into a ditch that made me scared because it was up past my legs. Then I ran back to my mother. She told me that winter had come and that it was a dangerous part of the year. She also told me that whenever we went out to eat in the meadows or on the river we had to be very careful of "those dangerous creatures." When she told me that, I was very scared, but it also made me very curious, because I wanted to know who "those dangerous creatures were. At this time I felt old enough to start going out on my own. I thought that I could watch out for myself because my mother had taught me everything that I needed to know. At this time of the year when there was snow all around, my mother worried about me the most, and I wondered why.

One day my mother and I were out searching for some food to eat, when we heard this very loud noise off in the distance. The noise startled me, and my mother told me to run, and not to stop running. While I was running I heard the loud noise again, and when I looked back I noticed she wasn't behind me. I started to get scared, and wondered if "those dangerous creatures" had gotten her?

My mother never returned, and for almost a year I lived on my own, learning how to fend for myself. By this time I had these heavy things on my head called antlers. It was fall again, and I found my antlers were very useful to me. It was time for me to find a mate for myself so I wouldn't feel so lonely anymore. To find one I had to travel quite a ways, but I thought it was worth it. After a while I came to a big meadow similar to the one where I went with my mother, but a lot bigger. I was thirsty, so I walked out in the meadow to drink some water. Just as I was walking out into it, I saw what I was looking for, a cow! This was my chance, I told myself, and I started walking towards her. All of a sudden, I heard this loud noise and felt this sharp pain in my heart. I started to run, but couldn't make it very far and fell down hard onto the ground. I couldn't think anymore, and then everything went black!


Tatiana Sergie

Everything Went Black

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Everything Went Black

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