Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act

This site contains background information related to the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, as well as resources for incorporating ANCSA in the school curriculum. Anyone wishing to contribute to this site is encouraged to contact the coordinator of the Alaska Native Knowledge Network at (907) 474-1902, or send an email message to

ANKN Culturally-Based Currirulum Resources
Search our curriculum resources database for ANCSA material. There is also some online resources pertaining to ANCSA on the ANKN website, including Letters to Howard, and other resources.

The Corporate Whale: ANCSA, The First Ten Years
By Karen Michel 1982
Excerpt: "This 10 part series, The Corporate Whale, will listen to some of the events leading to the Land Claims Settlement, the mechanisms that were employed to manage the Act, government agencies, and Native corporations, hear how leaders assess the first 10 years, and predictions for 1991."

Holding Our Ground 1985 Radio Series
"These programs were aired during the fall of 1985. Western Media's executive producer, Jim Sykes, originally recorded the hearings of the Alaska Native Review Commission, (ANRC), on location in Alaska's remote villages. ANRC Commissioner, Canadian Judge Thomas R. Berger traveled throughout Alaska to find out how the people feel about their most basic values and the effects on them by the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) of 1971." (added March 2005)

Teaching Ideas for Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act Multi-Materials Kit
by The Learning Tree

The Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act Teacher's Guide
Compiled by Alaska Native Education F.N.S.B.S.D.

Our Land, Our Future Teacher's Guide
This is the Teacher's Guide to "Our Land, Our Future: The 1991 Amendments to the AlaskaNative Claims Settlement Act ". For the videos that accompany the Teacher's Guide, go to the Video Resources Online.

ANCSA: Caught in the Act
This is the Teacher's Guide to "ANCSA: Caught in the Act". For the videos that accompany the Teacher's Guide, go to the Video Resources Online.

Achieving Alaska Native Self-Governance (Final)
Toward Implementation of the Alaska Natives Commission Report
This is the final version of the Self-Governance Report, May 1, 1999. (1 MB)

Alaska Natives and the Law

Alaska Department of Education's Series of Articles on the Native Land Claims.
"My name is Robert Karabelnikoff, and I am the founder and primary developer of ANCSA.NET. A web resource and network dedicated to Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) of 1971 and beyond. I personally find Alaska Native Claims Settlement, important , fascinating and something that can be and to be expanded upon with collaboration and cooperation. It is important to me, to all Alaskans, Native or not. It affects anyone living in Alaska and many outside the state."

ANCSA Resource Center
Sponsored by Copeland, Landye, Bennett and Wolf, LLP
This is an excellent source for recent discussions about ANCSA. Great links and references.

Bering Straits Foundation
Excerpt: "An Alaska Native non-profit dedicated to enhancing educational and cultural preservation opportunities for Bering Straits Native Corporation shareholders, their descendants, and the people of the Bering Straits region."

From the Arctic Policy Review
October-November 1983
Stirs International Attention: Judge Thomas Berger Appointed Head of ICC-ANCSA Review Commission .
Alaskool has wonderful material on ANCSA

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