Alaska Native Science & Engineering Society




Alaska Native Science and Engineering Society

There are three functions of the Alaska Native Science and Engineering Society is for Native American professionals and college students to mentor and enhance the science knowledge and experiences of Native American students who may choose science and engineering careers in the future.


Science and Culture Camps

Science Fairs and Science Projects
ANSES Chapter Clubs


The Alaska Native Science and Engineering Society (ANSES) serves all rural students, both Native and non-Native with the specific purpose of enhancing the scientific knowledge and experiences available to communities in rural Alaska. We wish to acknowledge the contributions of the national American Indian Science and Engineering Society to the work of ANSES. For information about AISES, go to the following web site:


Kodiak Science Fair Handbook (2004)PDF-version

Kodiak Demonstration Judging Criteria PDF-version

Kodiak Experiment Judging Criteria PDF-version

Kodiak Elder Rubric PDF-version

Questions about the Kodiak Science Fair, email Teri.




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