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Alutiiq RavenVALUES of the Unangan/Unangas

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Qawalangin / Nii}u}is
Eastern dialect / Western dialect

Values of the Unangan/Unangas

Kudalii}in maqa{takan txichin aguqangin / Kadaangis maqa{tal txichix aguqangis The way of our beginning, our ancestors

Udaadan tanangin kugan Unangan anangin / Udaadan Unangam tanangin kugan anangis Our people’s land and sea around here

I{taqangin lulalix matalix an}a}iingin matakun / Hi{tanangis luulal ama matal an}a}iingin matakus/ Believe in them and keep them going through time

Aniqdun ngiin aqaa}an a}nangin qulingiin aku{ gumalgaku{. / Kinguu}ingin wan slum kugan haqaa}an a}nangin qulaan aku{ gumalgaku{. For the coming generations that we don’t see yet, for their time here.

--Father Michael Lestenkof

An}a}iisi{ matanaan imin i{amnaku{. Ana}i{ ukunachin imchin ugutaasaamchim a}na{txichin. /An}a}iisiin siga{ imis aku{ mal sigaan inixsiisada. Life is gifted to you. What you make of it is your gift in return.

Tuman ilaanu}itxin, Unangan maqa{tadqangin mataa}in matakun. / An}a}iisiin, ilaazat ama Ulamis an}a}inangis maqa{singis ida{talagada. Know your family tree, relations and people’s history.

Tana}nangin I}ayuusalix an}a}iimchin a}na{txichin. / Tana{, Ala}u{ ama slum imuunuu huzuu ana}im ana}in}is sahnga{tada. Live with and respect the land, sea, and all nature.

Wan ala}um ilan ana}im an}a}inangin usuu Aguu}u{ agach ngiin a}iqaa. / Algas ama ana}im an}a}ingis huzungis Aguu}um agacha ngiin a}iqaa haqataasada. Respect and be aware of the creator in all living things.

Txin achigalix an}a}igumin anuxtanatxin a{saasaduuku{txin. / Huzugaan txin achiga{ agacha mada ama txin sakaa}atada. Always learn and maintain a balance.

Qaqamii}u{ qalgadam ukulganaa ngiin ugutaasakun. / Qaqamii}u{ qalgada{ an}a}i{ ngiin a{tanaa aku{. Subsistence is sustenance for the life.

Unangam tunuu unangqasining asix tunu{talaa}naqing. Unangan anaan Uku{tach{iku{. / Unangam tunuu Unangas alganaa ukuchxiza{ ama huzu{ ngiin tunu{tach{iza{. Our language defines who we are and lets us communicate with one another.

The Right Way to Live as an Unanga{
Simple Instructions with the Long List

  1. Udigdada. E / Udigida. W / Share.
  2. Tutada. E & W / Listen.
  3. Txin anguyni{ta}ulux. E / Txin manitalagada. W / Don’t be boastful.
  4. Agitaasitxin i{amnaasada. E / An}a}inas i}amanaasada. W / Be kind to other people.
  5. Agitaasiin sismida. E / An}a}inas kiduda. W / Help others.
  6. Tuman tana{ agliisaa{tan. E / Tana{ agliisada. W / Take care of the land.
  7. Tuman ala}u{ agliisaa{tan. E / Ala}u{ agliisada. W / Take care of the sea/ocean.
  8. Tuman taanga{ agliisaa{txin. E / Taanga{ haqayaasada. W / Take care of the water.
  9. Manachin ilam axtalakan agliisaachin. E / Ana}is mal agumis ilam axtalagada. W / Do not do anything to excess.
  10. Txin ugutada. E / Qa}atada. W / Be happy.
  11. I}ayuu{txin, ana}im atxa}ingin agachan madada. E / Txin sakaa}atal ana}is mada. W / Behave yourself: Do the things you know are right.
  12. Chxadalagaa{txin. E / Chxalagada. W / Don’t steal.
  13. Adluuda}i}ulux E / Adalulagada. W / Don’t lie.
  14. Ludakiim axtax samtaaxtxin. E / Ludaa}is, tukus ama uchiitilas sahnga{tada. W / Respect Elders (including parents, teachers, & community members).
  15. Agitaasiin samtasaa{txin. E / Agitaadaan sahnga{tada. W / Respect your peers.
  16. Kayutuu{txin. E / Kayutuda. W / Be strong.
  17. Agitaasiin matanangin imin gidu}iisalagaa{txin. E / Silaa txin gikuun alagada. W / Don’t be envious of what belongs to another.
  18. An}a}i{ i{amana{ i{talix kayux i{amana{ atxa{talix manaa imin ugutaasalix aa{txin. E / An}a}ina{ i}amanas manaa ngaan hi{tada. W / Admire one who does well by honest means.
  19. Maamin i{tanatxin madada. E / Ana}is maamis hi{taqaan aguun mada. W / Don’t make promises quickly, but keep those you make.
  20. An}a}iisanatxin an}a}im agitaasingin agachan liidalix an}a}iisada. E / Matal an}a}iikaan agacha an}a}isada. W / Live like you want people to see you live.
  21. Igilnaa{na{txin. E / Qaqatulagada. W / Don’t be greedy.
  22. Sla{, a}ada{, tugida{, kayux sdan tunum manginulux kugan i}ad}ulux. E / Sla{, a}adgi{, ama sdas hadangiin i}amana{ agacha tunu{taasada. W / Don’t talk bad about the weather or the sun, the moon, or the stars.
  23. Agitaasaan adaan tunum i{amnanginulux i}ad}ulux. E / An}a}ina{ adalus hadaan hilgada}ulax. W / Don’t slander another person.
  24. Kadaan axtaa}ana{txin. E / Kadamis agalagada. W / Don’t get ahead of yourself.
  25. Adu{tanaan akidada. E / Adut akida. W / Pay your debts.
  26. Qaqamii}u{ qalgadam ukulganaa ngiin ugutaasakun. E / Qaqamii}u{ qalgada{ an}a}i{ ngiin a{tanaa aku{. W / Subsistence is sustenance for the life.
  27. Tunuun ugunu{talakan an}a}ii{txin. E / Unangam Tunuu ugunu{talagada. W / Don’t forget your Unangan Language.


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