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Native Pathways to Education
Alaska Native Cultural Resources
Indigenous Knowledge Systems
Indigenous Education Worldwide

Curriculum Resources Available Online

Included here are resources available from a variety of sources.

Published by Alaska Native Knowledge Network

Cultural Standards & Guidelines

Alaska Standards for Culturally-Responsive Schools

Guidelines for Culturally-Responsive School Boards

Guidelines for Cross-Cultural Orientation Programs

Guidelines for Strengthening Indigenous Languages

Guidelines for Preparing Culturally-Responsive Teachers for Alaska's Schools

Guidelines for Nurturing Culturally-Healthy Youth

Guidelines for Respecting Cultural Knowledge


Village Science / Alan Dick

Handbook for Culturally-Responsive Science Curriculum / Sydney Stephens

Alaska Science Camps, Fairs & Experiments / Alan Dick

Northern Science (draft) / Alan Dick

Village Math (draft) / Alan Dick

Translating Standards to Practice


Alaska Clipart Collection

Sharing Our Pathways (newsletter)

AKRSI 2005 Final Report (Word document)


Articles, References and Research, Speeches, Occasional Papers

A potpourri of resources!

Culturally-Responsive Units/Lessons

Lessons and units, some of which are searchable by content and cultural standards, cultural region and grade level.

Video & Sound

A collection of video and sound recordings available in Realplayer and/or Quicktime.

Master's Degree Projects

A Manual for Alaska Native Parents to Promote Student Success
Contemporary Needs of the Native Teachers

PhD's Degree Projects

Converging Indigenous and Western Knowledge Systems: Implications for Tertiary Education
Cultivating Sustainability through Participatory Action Research: Place-Based Education and Community Food Systems in Interior Alaska
Deg Xinag Oral Traditions: Reconnecting Indigenous Language and Education Through Traditional Narratives

Produced from Alaska Federation of Natives

Achieving Alaska Native Self-Governance (Final Version) / Toward Implementation of the Alaska Natives Commission Report. This is the final version of the Self-Governance Report, May 1999. (PDF download 546 K)

Appendix A and B from the AFN Report on Substance Abuse

Produced from Center for Cross-Cultural Studies - UAF

Cross-Cultural Issues in Alaskan Education Vol. I
Cross-Cultural Issues in Alaskan Education Vol. II
Curriculum Resources for the Alaskan Environment
A Film Study of Classrooms in Western Alaska

Lessons Taught, Lessons Learned Vol. I

Lessons Taught, Lessons Learned Vol. II

Produced by Others

Letters to Howard by Fred Bigjim and James Ito-Adler

Alaska Native Games by Roberta Tognetti-Stuff

Study of Alaska Systemic Reform Final Report by James Kushman

The Guidance Project and the Reluctant Seniors by Arthur Allen

Collected Essays of Patrick J. Dubbs

History of Alaska Native Education

Alaska Native Education: History and Adaptation in the New Millenium
Alaskan Eskimo Education: A Film Analysis of Cultural Confrontation in the Schools

A History of Schooling for Alaska Native People

John Collier, Jr.: Anthropology, Education and the Quest for Diversity

Tom Hopkins Collection



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