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    Haa Shkalneekx’í Wooshteen Kanaxtulaneegí: Telling Our Stories

    Andy Hope
    The 2009 Conference is respectfully dedicated to the memory of

    Andrew “Andy” John Hope III
    Culture Bearer, Writer, Educator, and Clan Conference Founder

    Gerry Hope, Executive Director
    Organizing Committee:
    Dionne Cadiente-Laiti, Nora & Richard Dauenhauer, Irene Dundas,
    Sarah Dybdahl, Steve Henrikson, Ishmael Hope, Marsha Hotch, Harold Jacobs,
    Sergei Kan, Peter Metcalfe, Walter Porter
    Sponsored by Alaska Humanities Forum and Tlingit Readers Inc

    About the Conference

    Bringing together Native and non-Native cultural experts and scholars, the “Clan Conference” concept was pioneered by the late Andy Hope III. The first conference was held in May 1993 in Haines/Klukwan, followed in the next few years by conferences in Ketchikan/Saxman and Sitka. Ten years lapsed until the most recent conference, held in Sitka in March 2007, which attracted over 400 participants and 90 presenters speaking on a wide variety of topics, including linguistics, archaeology, museum studies, cultural anthropology, education, ethnohistory, art and music, traditional ecological knowledge, indigenous law, and fisheries.

    The 2009 conference will continue this multi-disciplinary and cross-cultural spirit. Native elders and experts in traditional culture, academic scholars and students will share their knowledge and work involving a wide variety of topics. The conference will afford a rare opportunity for key researchers, Native elders, and cultural leaders to share information with their colleagues, students, members of the Native community, and the public.

    The 2009 theme, “Haa Shkalneekx’í Wooshteen Kanaxtulaneegí: Telling Our Stories” highlights the importance of oratory and writing to modern Tlingit culture. Other sessions and presentations may focus on a wide variety of topics relating to Tlingit culture.

    Sessions and Workshops include:

    Art—Chilkat Weaving and Beadwork--Filmmaking--Repatriation--Historical Photographs--Native Involvement in Alaska Statehood--Digital Archives and --At.oow, Crests and Clan Property--Museums and Cultural Centers--Ethnohistory--Namings--Clan Leadership--Music--Herring Fisheries--Language Revitalization--Tlingit literature and oratory--Native Education and Curriculum Development

    Featured Events and Speakers

    Robert Bringhurst

    Luncheon Speaker: March 25

    Robert Bringhurst is one of Canada's most admired poets and cultural historians who has published widely in the fields of art history, typography, linguistics, classical studies and literary criticism. He is the translator and editor of the three-volume series "Masterworks of the Classical Haida Mythtellers".

    Battles of Fire and Water

    Theater Performance: March 25

    Battles of Fire and Water
    Perseverance Theater
    Written by Dave Hunsaker
    Directed by Laurie McCants
    The Russians say they won. The Tlingits say they never surrendered. Who gets to tell the story? In 1802 and 1804, the Russians and Tlingit fought bloody battles over the place we now call Sitka. More was at stake than mere turf. What is the relationship of a culture to its land and past? What is the nature of communication? When does it become necessary to take up arms? This conflict shaped the future of the Tlingit people, the Russian Empire, and Alaska. Based on a landmark book by Richard and Nora Marks Dauenhauer, Dave Hunsaker intertwines accounts from both sides, bringing Baranov, Lisianskii and the famous Kiks.ádi warrior K’alyáan together to tell this thrilling story. Performance will be accompanied by a talk by Hunsaker, the Dauenhauers, and other key personnel.

    Ellen Hope Hays

    Banquet Speaker: March 26

    Ellen Hope Hays, Naa Tlaa of the Point House of the Sitka Kiks.ádi clan and the first Tlingit superintendent of Sitka National Historical Park, will present the organizational history of the Tlingit people, and the interconnections between the clans, Alaska Native Brotherhood, Central Council of Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska and the ANCSA corporations.

    Andy Hope

    Andrew Hope III
    Tribute Dinner and Readings: March 27

    The Hope family invites conference participants to an evening of fellowship and sharing in tribute to our friend Andy Hope. Following the meal, Andy’s family and friends will speak in tribute, and the event will conclude with readings of Tlingit poetry and literature.

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"Chilkat Spirit" by Mike A. Jackson
"Chilkat Spirit" by Mike A. Jackson

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